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However, Bondarchuk was less concerned with the scope and scale of the picture - even though the burning of Moscow and the Battle of Borodino were exemplars in movie logistics that were given additional visceral impact by the use of helicopter panoramas and dizzying subjective views.

The director and his co-scenarist Vassili Soloviev were more interested in capturing the vibrant realism of Tolstoy's characters and his `thoughts, emotions, philosophy and ideas'.

Never underestimate the will of a totalitarian dictatorship with an axe to grind. More than forty different museums contributed costumes and set dressing to the production, including things like chandeliers, silverware and furniture.

The Department of Agriculture contributed 900 horses.

Despite being cut to 373 and then 170 minutes for its dubbed English-language version, it dwarfed King Vidor's 1956 adaptation, with Henry Fonda and Audrey Hepburn, and deservedly won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

In 1915, when Vladimir Gardin and Yakov Protazanov produced a 10-reel version of Leo Tolstoy's 1869 novel, it was hailed as the greatest motion picture ever produced in Russia.

Director King Vidor, who generally speaking is no slouch when it comes to directing epics, just couldn’t translate the novel’s sweep and depth.

Moreover, the film’s leads, Audrey Hepburn and Henry Fonda, just seemed miscast.

Half a century later, Sergei Bondarchuk surpassed their achievement with an epic that was so monumental that it had to be released in four two-hour episodes.

It was estimated to have cost between -100 million, making it the most expensive film made anywhere to date, and it proved one of the few domestic pictures of the Communist era to excel at the Soviet box office (earning Bondarchuk the Order of Lenin).

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