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Her jewellery was limited to a diamond bracelet and a wedding band.

Confident and casual, she seemed as good a person as any to be the face of online dating.

I spoke to a man and woman who had met on match and been on a few dates and, while they really got on with each other, they didn’t fancy each other and so they had decided to come to the event together, to see who else they could meet. On one hand, it’s only when you’re single that you’re likely to stay out all night, chat to random people, and come home wearing a Mary Poppins hat. We all know that being single in London has its highs and lows.We sat in a conference room ­overlooking a floor full of computer engineers gazing at their monitors, and with a Power Point presentation, she endeavoured to show me how Match uses cutting-edge ­technology to cultivate age-old emotions.With the number of paying subscribers using Match approaching 1.8 million, the ­company has had to develop ever more ­sophisticated programs to manage, sort and pair the world's singles.

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I spoke to someone else who had come to Black Label on their own – he said that he had been talking to people all night, and that he wasn’t going to let the fact that his housemate was ill and unable to attend from letting him meet the woman of his dreams!

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