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Online dating terms of use

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User Content and information TDL is not the publisher of user content, therefore it is your sole responsibility to decide what information you include in your profile or any communication you may have with other users.

Please remember that publicly visible information is just that!

In particular, we would draw your attention to the following advice:- Never give out your own email address, mobile phone number or other contact details unless you have satisfied yourself that the person you are giving that information to is who they say they are and is to be trusted with such information.

Never give any money or any item of value to anyone who contacts you through the site. Notify us if you become aware of any other user of the site who is acting inappropriately or not in accordance with these rules.

Include or attempt to include any contact details (including your surname) in your username, profile headline, profile or in any introductory messages.

Use any payment method that you are not legally entitled to use.You must not use this Website or our Services if you do not accept these Terms of Use so please read them carefully.All copyright and other proprietary information must be retained by you (“the user”).Cancellation and refunds If you cancel your subscription early, then you may be eligible for a full or partial refund.Please see our Refund Policy below for details on eligibility.

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