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Harris's book struck a chord with an entire generation of young believers.The book far exceeded the sales expectations of Multnomah, its publisher, and has spawned an entire genre of works on how to do relationships in a "Christian way." Recent titles include Dating and Waiting ...

Harris condemns “recreational dating” in no uncertain terms.

Joshua Harris singlehandedly made the word “courtship” popular in mainstream evangelical circles.

Yesterday I responded to a post another blogger wrote about what she learned from Joshua Harris.

And Starbucks and Barnes & Noble are nowhere (penned when he was only 21), has caught the attention of hordes of young women of my generation—particularly those who are evangelical Christians.

In his book, Harris encourages young Christians to look beyond our Western culture's dominant paradigm for developing serial intimate relationships (namely, the process of "dating") and instead commit to "purposeful singleness." Romantic relationships, he suggests, should exist only as a means to preparing for marriage—what's commonly called "courting." Harris avoids that quaint-sounding term in , but the idea is implicit in his promotion of relationships that emphasize long-term commitment and the supervision of the community of believers over and against traditional dating, which he feels emphasizes self-centered emotional and physical satisfaction.

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They avoid asking each other out for fear that a relationship might end in failure and leave them sullied.

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