Dating workaholic girl

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Dating workaholic girl

[Read: How to be good in bed all the time] The easy part of becoming a seductress is your bedroom lessons.The tricky part is knowing how to evoke the same sexual excitement from men when you’re not bouncing over them in bed.Learn to be two faced When you’re at work, be serious and focus on climbing that next elusive rung of the corporate ladder.

While sexiness is almost always associated with revealing skin, there are far better ways to get the sexy attention and become a seductress, the discreet way.

As soon as the work is over, loosen your collar, take your jacket off and let your hair down in style, especially when there are men around.

Pretend like you haven’t notice any men ogling you.

Thereafter, Gong did a number of supporting roles in dramas and movies and also hosted the music program Music Camp in 2004.

In 2005, he landed his first lead role in SBS's Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy opposite Gong Hyo-jin.

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[Read: How to turn a man on] Men find nothing sexier than a woman who can transform from an inhibiting closed-up woman by day end to a sexy and radiant seductress who smiles and flirts with the men around and suddenly transforms herself into a burst of fresh and flirty energy. Reveal your two extreme sides, the workaholic and the sexy girl alter ego and you’ll have a hoard of men craning around your office door every evening.